Ride the Waterfall


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released December 28, 2010

Recorded in May 2010 by Rick Pennington and Dan Bomar
Artwork by Kollin Strand



all rights reserved


SWELLS Denver, Colorado

SWELLS is a metaphysical corporation.

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Track Name: bury the castle
And I’m bending backwards
Hell, I forgot the way
The city smiles
And it’s so raw

Sewing a shroud for a journey
I advance toward forever
Remember the dull flowers in rain
Because not even the ants will care
Who we were as they climb
Our faces to undo our smiles
Track Name: don't fuck with flowers
Precisely by attaining an ideal
We have surpassed it
There are absolutely no moral phenomena
Only a moral interpretation of the phenomena
The will to overcome an affect is, in the end,
Itself only the will of another,
Or several other affects
Track Name: senses
Ready to break one whole with the sky
When every leaf opens without a sound
The more abstract the truth you want to teach
The more you have to seduce the senses to it
Track Name: 42012
The courage to find time’s mightiest dream
Is a lie
The courage to find time’s mightiest dream
A deeper magic and the curiosity
To spend it all
Till through their wire cage swift envy shrieks;
They waken in astonishment and stretch
Themselves and soar imaginary skies
Track Name: chid'ren of the midnight forest
What we said
What we did
Is all in my mind

The mouth of the last locust
Across every field
Is one kind of famine
Each splinter feeds all voices singing
Great, vast wrath from towers high
Withered in ruin whose gleam
Has made the voice of thousands
Old arrogare of arterial past
Track Name: ride the waterfall
There are no copies, replicas, or models
Remaining are foldings, unfoldings, and refoldings
Simulacra requires the presence and absence
Of what could be enclosed
Each thing thus refers to its difference
All of the things it is not
Track Name: serpents of swansea
We are slaves to the economy of the sign
It is a reflection of a profound reality
It masks and denatures reality
It masks the absence of reality
I know that we live
In a system of objects
The hyper-real that everywhere
Is the double strategy of deterrence
The object defies the science
That attempts to grasp it
Track Name: felis perplexus
A vile infection man may not endure
Stars that we yearn to
Sun that lights our spring
Now I stand in this emptiness
And look down at the row of trees
Almost to the distant sea
The foreboding earnestness
Of the sky lies heavily

What I know is what I know
And what I know is blown away