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released April 23, 2015

Swells recorded by Joseph Hidalgo and mastered by Carl Saff
Marcy recorded by Cory Schulz
Artwork by Ben Frazee
Summer 2014



all rights reserved


SWELLS Denver, Colorado

SWELLS is a metaphysical corporation.

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Track Name: Swells - Tetrachromatic
Perhaps this gate was made for you
(the burden of choice)
And should you choose to walk away
(to turn a blind eye)
Your reflection chose to stay

So without, as within

Wandering corridors
Seeking an egress
Haunted by the notion
That you never entered this vessel

Direction, Refraction
A blank incarnation
Mirrors never could turn a blind eye
Track Name: Marcy - Pica
boss man wants me there every day
working for the same fucking wage
that i have been working for years
my constant embarrassment
should i be happy just for the chance?
to avoid squalor and homelessness?
"keep your nose to the grind
good things happen to those who don't whine"

they say it's a privilege to work?
don't forget a privilege can be revoked

you want to make money off my blood and sweat?
well we've got other plans
well we've had enough

feed me nothing

You want to feed us nothing?
While you get rich riding on our backs?

you're not
they can't
us all
they need
us more
than we
need them
they need
us more
than we
need them
Track Name: Marcy - Toward Zero Deaths
toward zero deaths

every day when the alarm sings
every day when they go to work
every day they poison the earth
every day they poison themselves

toward zero deaths
reads the sign
that overlooks
the corridor
a hellish scene
can they ignore
the destruction they cause?

they've sold themselves so short
there's more than dirt and grime
there's more blood on their hands than money can clean

a million tiny deaths

and I know they can feel it as they ruin the earth
and when the water is poisoned
I hope they thirst

These decadent few
aren't powerless
they ooze cowardice
they build fortunes
on these millions of deaths
as clean water flows
from native lands

toward zero deaths

they're not throwing you a bone
they're throwing you an axe
to lop off your own hands
for a little cash
and when the oil's gone
chevron is too
you can stop this now

toward zero deaths