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released February 28, 2015

Swells side recorded by Joseph Hidalgo and mastered by Carl Saff
Gaff side recorded and mastered by R. E. Lozano
Summer 2014

Artwork by Kevin Hennessy

vinyl available at: sonicmystics.storenvy.com



all rights reserved


SWELLS Denver, Colorado

SWELLS is a metaphysical corporation.

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Track Name: Swells - The Leopard of Malice and Fraud
a prism that refracts our gaze and would have us all believe,
the maps by which we may abide, no longer fray but crystallize.
if you see this map to be a dead form to rewrite,
a quantum leap from lifeless form may give life to formless life.

[enter the leopard.]
“may your thought forms coalesce into crystal warships
and dismantle this barricade maintained by cellophane structures and allies (a shrouded absence lying behind which).
we implore you to devise a schematic, a map of your own”,
spoke the leopard to the dreamer.

if you wish to find
a territory out of reach without the map which precedes
a cartographer's scheme that conspires to place us in an abstract locus.

we command something more interesting than your cellophane towers which limit our powers.
Track Name: Gaff - Dab'n Jazz
I can't beleieve that
I've finally found
my only wish
that things weren't this way
I finally realized
the song is done
a glorious moment
not to be had


lost all hope of
getting through this

Cave In
have hope
it's all you've got
this is hopeless
I have lost hope
It's all you've got
I have lost all hope
Track Name: Gaff - Episode V
Hearts stop beating
Wills are weak
There is no
truth to seek

I cannot tell you about
where you're supposed to be
all I can do is hope
hope you don't end up like

is sticking around like a knife
still stuck in the wound

I try
to reject the world as I see it
and recreate
my own
vision of reality

I find
reckless encouragement
quite disconcerting
would I lie